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Need an IFA (independent financial advisor) in London? Are you legally obligated to take advice or would just like advice to make excellent financial decisions?

You are in the correct place!

Our firm connects you to a financial advice service that puts your interests above our own. This is the very nature of being an independent financial advisor. Our IFAs are central, we’re only round the corner from the Houses of Parliament, and within sight of ‘Big Ben’ clock tower.

The advice we refer to is for some of the most important financial decisions you have to make throughout your life.


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Your Financial Welfare Is Our Business.

If you are looking for an independent financial advisory firm that is legally bound to put your interests above our own – we are the people for you.

Our experience in the field is comprehensive and we have achieved a large client base that trusts us and gives us excellent testimonials.

Ultimately, the results speak for themselves.

Let’s have a look at the services you can expect to receive from us, followed by the process that we have helped hundreds of clients make their finances work for them.

Services Our IFA’s provide


Pensions are a complicated topic, especially if you really do not know much about them. Our pension service includes everything you would ever want and need out of it.

Don’t know which pension you should have?

Don’t know which pension you even have right now?

Don’t know if you have the very best pension set up for your future plans?

This is common for a lot of people.

We look into your financial situation and future to determine the very best pension outcome you can get.

Our service guides you through the years of taking a pension right the way through to drawing your pension out.

We want to hone this process for you so that you get the maximum you could ever hope to get from your pension.

Maybe you legally have to hire an independent financial advisor for a pension transfer?

We are constantly helping clients transfer their pensions from their pension account into another investment fund and other attractive options.

Get your pension right and you have a unique asset that will pay you every month for years and years to come at some point in the future.

Investment advice

Investing money is essential if you want to make a lot of it. We either use energy and time to make money, or we use money to make money.

Investing is a way of getting your money to work for you – and there are so many ways that you can choose to invest.

Choose us if you want exceptional investment advice in London – you will see excellent, steady returns on your money. Get your money to work for you!

Mortgage advice

We have a mortgage advice team that simply work with our clients and their mortgages every single day.

The team is nothing short of excellent and we continue to excel in finding the very best mortgage deals for our clients.

As you know, we are independent, meaning that we put your interests ahead of ours.

This usually means not getting the maximum amount of money we could get in helping you with your finances.

This does not matter to us. We know that providing a stellar service will always help us to stay in this industry and continue to thrive – through helping you thrive.

Come to us if you want the very best mortgage advice whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced realtor – we cater for all.


Understanding your tax and not paying more than you need to is important for your financial goals.

You can quickly haemorrhage money if you are paying more tax than you need to.

This goes for everyone, from the extremely wealthy to those with less money.

Making sure to understand and work with your tax efficiently will save you thousands upon thousands across your lifetime. 

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Chartered financial planner service

Our financial planning service is one of our core services in that we have done it since day one.

Everyone needs a plan – no matter what you are trying to achieve.

With finances being such an integral part of all of our lives, it is no surprise that having a financial plan is incredibly important to achieving your financial goals.

This goes for the short term and long term.

Our financial planning is for everyone.

We can help individuals and families, right the way through to a professional advisor service for a business.

It is totally comprehensive and backed by excellent testimonials and results.

Wealth management

Our wealth management service in London focuses on multiplying our clients’ wealth.

That is exactly what we do: protect, add and multiply to our clients’ wealth.

Most of our wealth management clients from London are experts in creating income rather than handling the large amount of wealth they have amassed.

Our team of wealth management experts are the opposite.

All this team has focused on is dealign with large sums of money.

The service caters to the whole risk spectrum – from minimal to low risk right the way through to those that want to spend and multiply their money.

Our Process

Now that you know our most popular services and what you can expect us to help you with, let’s have a look at how our process with new clients generally works.

1. Discovery

Let’s work out what you are trying to achieve with your finances.

Everyone has different goals as we are all different people living different lives.

Accordingly, we have to create a bespoke plan for every single client that approaches us.

2. Bespoke

This could be for anything.

We need a bespoke plan no matter what you have come to us to help you with.

From buying a house, starting a business or planning a dream retirement, we will need to create a custom plan that suits your life and where you are trying to get to.

3. Understand

Then we need to understand which resources you currently have to meet the targets we are trying to hit.

Example of this would essentially be what existing income and capital you currently have, or what your pension and mortgage is and so on.

4. Creating the plan

Next is creating a realistic plan inline with these objectives. The plan will be comprehensive, meaning that we take everything into consideration.

This includes things like tax, inflation and growth. We go over everything during this stage to make sure the very best plan is created.

5. Test and adjust

Then it is all about implementation.

Once the plan is ready to go, we will implement it with you and adapt and adjust as we go. Adjusting and reshaping the plan as circumstances change is absolutely essential.

We do not say this because our plans are futile – we say this because life, finances and everything in-between are so fluid that everything is always changing.

You need an advisory firm like ours that is going to be able to ‘roll with the punches’ and quickly adapt to the inevitable changes that are going to occur in your life.

We are masters at doing for this our clients. It is what keeps all of our roles here interesting!

Get in touch for help

Just call our team if you want to get advice from an independent advisor.

Occasionally we can provide free advice over the phone if you have an obvious problem.

However, as you can imagine, many problems require you to meet with the team you require (be it the mortgage, pension or investment team etc.) to really go into depth about how we can best serve you.

So just call us!

Or read below to discover a bit more about independent financial advisors and the difference between us and ‘normal’ financial advisors…




Questions Our IFA’s Get

We get daily questions about our service and about financial advice in general. People even come in to our office to speak to us.

We knew that it would be important to address some of these queries through our website.

Common questions we get, accompanies by comprehensive answers, can be found below.


How do you find a fiduciary financial advisor?

If you don’t know, a fiduciary (or independent financial advisor) is bound by a specific duty of care.

Wikipedia describes a fiduciary as a person that holds a legal relationship of trust for a client.

In finance terms, the duty of care that must be adhered to is: putting the client’s interests above one’s own.

All independent advisors are bound to a fiduciary standard by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Essentially, the advisor has to put the clients’ interests above their interests for all services that they provide for you, the client.

This is not a problem as this is the whole point of being an independent financial advisor.

This is what it means to offer financial advice void of any other bias than simply helping you.

Choosing an adviser like us is the best way to get impartial financial advice.

Non independent advisors (or simply brokers of products and services that get passed on to you) are not bound by this act.

Again, we do not feel that non independent advisors therefore want to offer you a bad service and not form excellent long term relations with you…

But it is simply a fact that independent advisors are bound by a law and non independent advisors are not.

You will have to use your own judgement, ultimately, to be able to decide which is best for your situation.

Of course, sometimes you legally have to speak to an independent advisor so the choice is already made for you.

In this case, you can rest easy, as you can be certain that us or any other independent advisor is not going to want to risk their reputation by doing anything other than working in your best interests.

It’s worth noting that…

Brokers (non independent advisors) are at least bound by ‘The Suitability Rule’.

The suitability rule dictates that these brokers have to fulfil a suitability obligation – the recommendations and advice they give their clients has to be in the best interests of the client.

Slightly different to the standards of a fiduciary advisor, a broker does not have to put the clients’ interests above theirs.

However, the broker has to believe that their guidance and advice is suitable for their clients in relation to the clients’ financials goals.

The broker’s loyalties still ultimately lie with the broker-dealer that they work for, unlike the client served, like a independent/fiduciary advisor.

The explanation above essentially described the classic difference between an independent financial advisor vs a financial advisor.

How do I become an independent financial advisor?

Believe it or not, you do not necessarily need qualifications to get a role as an independent advisor.

Our advisers are largely qualified, though. We feel that the educational background in finance helps a lot, even if an individual is particularly driven.

There are loads of options to get educated in finance. You could go for a CPD accredited financial advisor course – great to learn about financial planning.

Or you could go to the Time Business School financial course.

The industry is competitive and we would recommend getting an education or at least having a good knowledge base of the industry.

Even if you are a highly accomplished and motivated individual… Even if you have a decorated work statement… Having no experience or knowledge of the industry is going to be evident in any interview you appear in.

We would recommend either being extremely knowledgeable on the topic and or having an educational background in finance.

The type of financial advisor career you want is also going to impact what you should do in preparation of applying for a position.

Knowing which type of position you want will also impact the salary you get as a financial advisor.

Weigh up what you want to do, with the type of salary you want and pick up experience and or education in the field you want to go down before applying for a career!

If you require an IFA in London, get in touch and we can meet you wherever you are in London (whether that’s City Centre or any of the surrounding boroughs).

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