We spent the 16th and 17th of November down at the 02 in London. Why? Because American sales trainer and real estate investor Grant Cardone had a two day business boot camp on. You want your trusted IFA in London to be going to events like this. Staying up to date with what billionaires are doing, how they think about money, what they do with money etc. is extremely important if you want be financial specialist. We viewed this as a great opportunity to meet incredible people and learn some invaluable knowledge.

We went and had a great time. A lot was learnt and a lot can be taken away from the event. As the event was about business there was a large focus on money and sales.

Special guest and host Mark Wright (winner of the apprentice and owner of company Climb Online) was there as well as two Scottish entrepreneurs Billy Farrell and Paul McFadden. All of these guys delivered fantastic speeches. Paul about property, Billy about motivation and purpose and Mark about digital marketing. Other speakers included Elena Cardone (Grant’s wife), Jarrod Glandt (Vice President of Cardone Enterprises) and the y young chap that thought of the event and got Grant over to the UK.

This article is going to summarise three key things we learnt from Cardone’s talk and the event as a whole. Enjoy!

Your network is your net worth

It was nice to go to a place where we were not surrounded by financial advisors. Normally we are. This was the chance to go and meet other people interested in finances that were not necessarily in the same exact field as us. Over the weekend we didn’t meet many other advisors but we met other people involved in the financial sector. Our knowledge as financial advisors allowed us to converse with people about their pensions, mortgages and so on after Grant mentioned these different financial aspects in his speeches.

Giving up front value or knowledge is an excellent way to meet people. You show your value, you show you are willing to give (in one particular example a girl had money in an ISA and wanted advice) and you show you are an expert in your field of work. We are still in contact with multiple people we met over the weekend who will become clients of ours and we will become clients for their services. Most people were forward thinking and we were delighted with the chance to meet them. If you are reading this, you know who you are!   

Don’t be scared to spend

A lot of the focus was on attitude towards money. Specifically, one of Grant’s main points was that money is useless unless used. It is simply paper. You need to put the money to use in order for it to do anything. This seems obvious but all of us have attachment issues with money. Grant advocates “getting rid of” or “spending every last penny” you have. Why? Because then it is being used! He clarifies by saying that the money should be invested rather than just spent. He is not saying to go and buy a brand new car for the sake of it – he is saying invest in yourself, your business (you are a business) and anything that makes you more money (investments).

Of course, he thinks you should have some money saved in case of an emergency or the future but generally he likes the idea of investing the money so that it makes more money in the future. Another thing to consider here is that “spending everything” is not necessarily good advice in and of itself. We like the approach he is taking but every person’s financial situation and life requires a different approach and plan.

This is why everything we do as advisors is bespoke. There is no one set rule that applies to everyone (for the most part). If it was that easy, we would all be billionaires! But still, we like the sentiment and agree that money needs to be used somehow (even if saving – you are using the money for a future event).

Everything is sales

They embrace this notion a lot more across the pond. We are quite ‘proper’ here in the UK. However, the conference had a big focus on sales and how almost everything is sales. It sounds like a dirty word but we would like to expel this notion. If you believe you have a great offering, be it yourself, a product or a service – you would be doing a disservice to people by not selling them on the benefits.

If a person would benefit by having your service or if a potential partner would benefit by being around you more – sell them on this fact! It’s like when you go for an interview, you have to sell the interviewer on why you are a great fit for the company. There is nothing wrong with sales and it is worth learning the fundamentals for your everyday life. When you start to break down things you are doing each day it is quite astonishing how even basic things require some sort of persuasion or selling. Embrace it!

P.S. – Check out upcoming financial adviser events here. Although this event was not necessarily for a financial advisor, it was all about money. We are sure this list will get updated. If you don’t want to go to one of these, check out some of your favourite people. Loads of Youtube stars and so on are always touring. These events are worth it if you can get to the right ones!