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Although you would expect to come to our website to read about investing in the sense of ‘putting money forward and seeing a return’ – we wanted to talk about something slightly different today. That is: investing in yourself. Most IFA organisations in London won’t talk about this. We see this blog as a good chance to talk about things like this which are obviously essential for all of us.

Although no clients approach us for this advice as such, we think there is a lot to be said about investing in yourself. Basically – you have to make money. Sure, you can come to us and we can invest your money, protect your money, help you plan for the future, get you your best mortgage and so on – but you are going to be your biggest money maker. This means that investing in yourself is never going to be a bad thing. The money cannot be wasted. You will always learn something when you invest in yourself.

Although we fully support our service we understand that we do not have the only valuable service out there and that there are many things you can do to improve yourself. And what we will specifically talk about today is how you can invest in yourself to increase your income and your overall finances. These are not going to be particularly ‘fun’ investments and virtually all of them will take more than just money to make them work.

Truth be told, that is the beauty of traditional investing that you would get as as service from a company like ours. You can assign your money to us and we will protect your money as well as make it grow for you. Your money will grow without you having to think about it. We get paid to think about it and grow your money while you work on other things.

Yet if you are not in this position to be able to start investing you will need more money. If you do not know how to get more money or know that your current position will mean never having enough money to invest just keep reading. Below are some excellent tips you can use to invest in yourself and improve your earning capabilities.

Challenge yourself

This is not a fun tip to start off with but it might be the most beneficial to you over the longterm. In order to increase your income you are going to need to do things that other people are not able to do or will to do. That is why we have put challenging yourself as first on the list. The challenge can be anything but it has to be two things. Firstly it actually has to be a challenge. Something that you find difficult and struggle with. Secondly it has to be something that will build your discipline – so the challenge needs to be at least 30 days long and preferably longer. Remember, making more money is going to require you to do things others don’t want to. In order to do things others don’t want to you are going to need a strong sense of discipline.

Completing a really hard challenge is going to build discipline. You could do absolutely anything and what is hard to you might not be hard to someone else. Perhaps you need to read 50 pages of a finance/motivation book for the next 100 days. Or maybe you need to seriously apply to 3 jobs a day that would be better for you than your current job for 50 days. Whatever it is it will probably not be fun. But the best part is that the price will probably be nothing other than your energy and indefinitely build up your discipline

What you can get out of challenging yourself:

– Build confidence through setting a target, following through and completing the target.

– Applying to the better jobs might mean interviews (practice) or new doors being opened.

– Build discipline doing things you don’t want to and seeing the value firsthand in doing what others are not willing to do

Get trained 

How skilled are you at your profession? Most people never do any training for their profession and just wing it. If you work at your profession for the next 10 years that is a whole lot of hours you will be putting in. But is there more ceiling in terms of skill and money to be earned at your exact same role/position/company? If there is, get trained!

Take out some sort of training course on what you do or what you want to do. Imagine working the next 10 years with the skills you currently have and levels you expect to be at (you will naturally improve at a certain level anyway) compared to if you took weekly courses. Over the 10 years each hour you invest into work will be worth more as your skills improve. You might just spend a few hours a week on this but it could make a massive difference.

What you can get when you train yourself:

– Each hour spend working becomes more effective leading to higher earning potential.

– Rise up in your company faster as you become more valuable

– Give yourself more protection as you become less of a commodity like everyone else.

– Create new opportunities through your new skills


Your network is your net worth as they say. Your financial situation will be very different if you hang around with homeless people compared to hanging around billionaires. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these two categories of people but the closer you get to money the more likely you are to obtain it. When was the last time you went to an event that had people you could offer and gain a lot from? Maybe you want to move your career into the property space – when did you last go to a property show?!

What you stand to gain from networking:

– Networking allows you to meet people who have what you want (career opportunities, their network, money).

– Break out of your normal routine.

– Meet people that can help you and broaden your horizons.

– Increase your confidence by speaking to people you don’t know.

There are just some ways you can start investing in yourself right now. If you do not have money you can put to use and invest with us right now then these are things we would look at to increase our income. Best of luck!