Let’s have a look at the mindsets, traits and actions of the best financial advisors around. Whether you want to use this article to find the perfect advisor for you or inspiration for your budding financial career – it is relevant to both. As an IFA Firm in London, we are always trying to adopt the best approaches, techniques and mindsets of the most successful advisors available


As ‘Iris’ point out, passion is vital for a highly successful financial advisor. This goes for the advisor’s success as well as yours. There are going to be things you do not want to do that pop up every single day. Unfortunately, we are all going to have to do things we do not want to do in order to get the things we do not have yet. This is a truth of life. Look at all these billionaires, even they are probably still doing things on a daily basis that they do not want to do.

In order to have the drive to do things you don’t want to do, you need passion. Passion is a bit of a blasé word, but it just means that you want to be a successful advisor more than you want to avoid things you don’t want to do. This will be to the benefit of you the client as well as the advisor themselves to reach their own goals. Passion is essential. Always look out for passionate advisors!


Your advisor should undoubtedly be independent. We are biased because we picked to be independent advisors but that is the point – we picked this route.

We believe it offers the very best service for clients possible. Just like premier financial who write about the qualities to look for in an advisor, we are also independent and think this is the way forward for clients.

There are pros and cons to both services but the simple fact of the matter is that non-independent advisors can be beholden to people other than yourself.

This means they might not act in your best interests, despite being the people that are responsible for your financial well being.

We know of plenty of trustworthy non-independent advisors though, so it is simply a case of knowing who to trust if you want to go down the non-independent route. With us you know we will always have your best interests at heart!

Effective communication

We’ve done a bit of research for this article for inspiration and Don Connelly makes a great point in their successful advisors essential traits article that effective communication is important. We would say it is absolutely essential. You don’t want an advisor that cannot effectively tell you what you should and should not be doing.

It is the job of the advisor to make everything clear for you throughout the process so that you can make the correct decisions.

You also want someone that is a pleasure to communicate with. It’s no fun having to sit across from an advisor that drawls on in a monotone voice. This goes back to the passion point made above. Effective communication will normally stem from passion. You can’t have effective communication without passion!

Be calm, confident and rational

Another good point we agree with for the top financial advisors is to remain calm. In this economic world, things can go haywire. Sometimes it is unexpected and sometimes it is expected.

However, it is the job of the advisor to be calm, confident and assured of the decisions they have prescribed. People lose and gain money all the time. It is the job of the advisor to keep a cool head and assess the situation for what it really is rather than what it seems to be. This is a rare skill amongst people.

It might not always be best to stick with the decision once made. Sometimes you need to jump ship, switch the plan and try something else. It is up to the advisor to be rational and make excellent decisions so that, despite market changes and unforeseeable events, you the client still get an excellent outcome. That is what you pay an advisor for!

Analytical ability

Another trait successful financial advisors have is to be analytical in their assessments, planning and action. The advisor has to think about a plethora of things and be highly analytical in their thought process.

Emotions get killed in the market place, there is largely only room to be analytical. When dealing with large mortgages, debt, loans, pensions, estate planning, tax planning, investment management and so on – you have to be analytic!

Any other approach will not work.

There are all sorts of metrics of which to consider when making excellent financial plans. This includes things like standard deviation (back to class!), beta, strategic asset allocation, drawdown and more.

Again, there is only room for the calm, confident, rational and analytical minds to be excellent in this game.

That is it for now on the best traits for an advisor. We will be back soon with more information, stay tuned.