Independent Mortgage Advisor London

Our firm has a team of independent mortgage advisors based right here in our London office.

We are primarily an independent financial advisory firm, but we have sub divisions of teams – just like we have a team focused on mortgages.

Mortgages are a complicated issue.

Many of us will have multiple mortgages throughout our life as we get onto and move up the property ladder.

Much of our work comes through mortgage advice as a mortgage decision is so important for your finances.

Houses and properties are more often than not in the hundreds of thousands range. When getting a property worth this much, you will probably have to lend money through a mortgage.

Countless people are taking out mortgages that are not correct for them every single day.

Taking out the wrong sort of mortgage according to your situation might spell the sum of either losing tens of thousands or gaining tens of thousands if a clever, shrewd mortgage decision is made.

Having an excellent mortgage and mortgage advisor depends on multiple key factors.

You are going to need an advisor that knows the London market proficiently – as well as the mortgage market itself…

Calculations being carried out for a clients' finances

How we work

To combat this, we have an easy process to help you find the best mortgage for you. As you know, our service is independent, meaning that any advice you get from us will be completely in your best interests over ours or anyone else’s.

Get in touch with our team to start the process. You can do this via email or a phone call.

From there, we can meet to assess your financial situation and goals.

You can also ask us anything about mortgages, general queries, concerns etc.

If you would like to progress with us in finding a mortgage for you, we will have a meeting to really find out your financial goals and current standings.

This is not a judgmental service… we have seen everything you could possibly imagine.

After finding out everything we need to – we can scan the market for the very best mortgage that aligns with your plans.

Everyone is different and therefore no two mortgages are going to be a perfect fit for a person. We get this and understand the difference between a first time buyer and an experienced realtor. We just look for the best for you.

From there, we can present to you what your options are and what we have found.

If you are happy with our findings and approach, we can begin the mortgage process and get the property within your possession.

Other entities will be required at this stage, such as solicitors, but we will carry out our part of the deal with excellence.

Paying for our London based mortgage advisor services

It always seems counterintuitive that you would pay someone for financial help. The same goes for mortgages. However, one has to spend money to make money. Something always has to be spent in order to gain. Be it energy, time or money, something must be spent.

You pay us money for our time and energy to find you an excellent mortgage that will save or make you thousands in the future – that is how this works. It works well, too. We are exceptional IFA from in London team and know that we can make something work for virtually everyone that gets in contact.

Our clients are overly happy with the deals they have received from us throughout the years.

In any case, the way that our clients pay for our services is through two main ways.

First is an hourly rate. If you have a lot of disposable income it might make sense to go down this route.

All prices and hourly fees for our financial advisor services will be discussed upfront so we will not spring unexpected costs on you.

The other way you can pay our advice is through paying us a percentage of the mortgage we find for you.

You could take out a £300,000 mortgage and then pay us 0.5% of the total mortgage, for example. This method usually works out better for those that have less disposable income.