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Our pension advice team is currently made up of several advisors who are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the diverse field of pensions.

Ultimately – our goal for any client that approaches us for pension help is to ensure that your pension is maximised for the future.

We want the very best for your pension and this is inline with our ‘put our clients’ interests above ours’ approach.

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Helping clients in pension advice

There is no shame in seeking support for something like a pension. Most people do not have the time to go through all of the data and documents associated with pensions. It would simply take such a long time that it would not be worth it.

So, we have helped hundreds of clients around London in getting this excellent asset (pension) in check for them. Now they have something that will vastly help them in later life.

Our tactic is not to just get everyone suddenly paying loads into their pension.

The way our financial advisors help is by barely changing your current way of living. Our methods are not to stick all of your money into a pension fund.

This is where understanding your financial situation comes in to giving pension advice.

We see how much disposable income you have would actually benefit you being in a pension fund and how much would offer diminishing returns.

We look for clever ways to boost your pension and try to barely adjust your current lifestyle to see massive results in the future. Our financial advisors’ fees are worth every penny in this respect.

Chartered pension advisers

Should I hire a financial advisor for pension advice?

Plenty of people come to us with this question. Of course, the answer as with most things in life is that you do not absolutely need a financial advisor.

Your pension can operate independently of our involvement.

Although we should add a slight caveat at this point that you occasionally legally have to take out independent financial advice for things like a pension transfer. 

In this case, yes, you do need to take out financial advice from a firm like ours.

So going back to the original premise, no, you do not need a financial advisor for your pension advice. But let’s consider the following points.

How much do you know about pensions? Do you have a deep understanding?

If not, does your life have enough time to squeeze in learning about pensions and what the best case scenario looks like for you and your family?

Are you aware of the multitude of pensions that exist? (there are plenty!)

How much, roughly, do you stand to earn from your pension when you eventually stop working?

Does it make sense to speak to professional finance advisors with a dedicated team of pension advisors working for the firm?!

All of these questions should shed light on whether or not you should get in touch with independent financial advisors like us.

If most of your answers came back that you do not actually know what is going on with your pension, nor do you have the time to figure it out – we are a great option.

We could go through each and every point and elaborate on them, but we feel that is overkill.

You can gather from each that a lot could be expanded on and we simply wanted to put these questions out there to see how strong your pension situation is.

It is likely that it is not that good if you have never used professional advice or have a deep understanding of pensions.

However, going to the last point, there is still hope.

We help people from getting their first pension all the way to nearing retirement age.

Everyone can be helped in some way with their pension and it is our mission to help as many people that need it in London. For us, this is everyone, but not everyone steps forward.

If you are one of the people that are approaching us for pension advice, you have made an excellent decision. If you need an IFA in London – we know we are an excellent option.

Pensions are complicated and require a lot to really specialise in them.

This is what our pension team here in London has been doing for multiple years.

Just get in touch with our pension team if you would like to get the very best in independent financial and pension advice!



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