Tax Planning London

There is a common yet crude phrase out there that goes like this: “You can be sure of two things in life. Death. And taxes.”

You can certainly be sure of many other things occurring, but let’s just go with it.

Yes, you can definitely expect taxes. This is an absolute given.

The state provides us with a society to live in and we have to pay back for what they do for us.

We are not a philosophy company and will leave it to individuals to decide how just or unjust taxes are.

However, we have a strong opinion on the following:

 various financial documents we are working on

Yes, taxes are a certainty. But overpaying on your taxes should not be a certainty.

And most people ARE overpaying on their taxes. Are you overpaying? Do you need tax planning advice?

Our tax team is dedicated to helping our clients not overpay on their taxes. From business tax planning to personal tax advice, we can assist you with managing and optimising your tax scheme. Also, we can provide an international tax accountant service for people who move in and out of London.

Staying within the law

Although our goal is to keep your taxes as efficient as possible; I.E. to pay as little as possible – we do this legally. It’s no good trying to dodge taxes or do things illegally. In almost all cases, the law will catch up with you as it is relatively easy to see who is trying to game the system. Any sort of advice we ever give will be totally legal – you never have to worry about any dodgy tactics from our company.

Financial advisors, not accountants

Accountants are largely responsible for dealing with people’s taxes.

How does our service differ then?

Well, we are all about working with your taxes in order to meet your financial goals. Taxes are going to be there so we have specialist knowledge in reducing your taxes so that you can meet these goals.

This goes for primary financial events and considerations such as:

– Tax relief on drawing out your pension and pension savings.

– Capital gains made through investing.

– Inheritance tax.

– Efficient ways of harbouring tax to your benefit – like Individual Savings Accounts.

– Reducing tax when withdrawing money from something like an investment or pension fund.

We are experts in all things pensions, investments, savings, planning and so on that can be related to taxes. When you are involved with us in schemes like these, we are always looking for tax efficient ways that we can help you save as much money as possible.